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  • Bruce P. Grether

Masturbation Rebellion!

We rebel against some common assumptions about male masturbation:

1.) Masturbation is not a substitute for anything else, in truth it is real sex, and is actually the original form of sexuality, as valuable as any form of erotic pleasure--often it proves more valuable. In fact, masturbation is precious because it is always available to you, and you always get to decide how much high quality pleasure you will enjoy! Your penis provides lunar wisdom to the microcosmic universe of your body as it constantly waxes and wanes between extremes to provide you with balance, just as the mythic Moon God governs life on Earth.

2.) You masturbate because you love yourself, you know it is good for you. You masturbate because this way you need not depend on anyone else to provide such exquisite pure penis pleasure for you, because you deserve and can have all the ecstatic bliss you wish to experience. Masturbation is often better than sex with others because it can bypass emotional drama. Such transformational pleasure is the actual purpose for which your penis has evolved into the magnificent organ it is over millions of years!

3.) The purpose of masturbation is simply to enjoy abundant erotic pleasure for its own sake. Though it does relieve sexual tension as a side-effect, engaged in with enthusiasm for its own sake masturbation does far more than that for you, boosting confidence, self-esteem, independence, energy, creativity and serenity. As such, male masturbation is the most natural spiritual path for men. Masturbation is one of life's greatest joys, to be treasured and honored. There is nothing more natural than male fascination concerning penises and masturbation.

4.) Masturbation is time well-spent because it is the highest possible quality of time you can spend with yourself. Masturbation has the special virtues of being something you can fully enjoy in solitude, shared mutually in the good company of a Phallic Brother, or with a group of Brothers who share your enthusiasm for penises and for self-pleasure. Men who embrace masturbatory pleasure and share it with fellow men are helping to save the world endangered by how many men still fear their fellow men. Men can share masturbation without the ego games of ordinary sexual conquest, instead supporting and encouraging each other.

5.) Male masturbation is one of life's greatest joys for most men regardless of any cultural assumptions or religious beliefs about sexual identity, sexual preference, or gender roles. Male masturbation is an uncompromising form of physically loving yourself, celebrating your male body, honoring the priceless treasure of your genitals, your arousal, self-stimulation, and the same precious aspects of your fellow human males. Your generosity of spirit in giving yourself such abundant high quality penis pleasure is actually a service to humanity and the planet.

6.) Masturbation is self-love practiced as physical self-pleasure and also emotional self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and self-celebration. The beneficial qualities of masturbation also better equip you to love other people, to socialize with others in greater harmony, understanding, patience, and kindness. Male masturbation is a means to honor your ancestors; your pure penis pleasure is actually mysteriously "felt and enjoyed" in some sense by all those men of your family tree from whom you inherited your male body and your genitals, perhaps because these male ancestors summoned by your arousal abide in your DNA.

7.) Male masturbation is an opportunity to eliminate vestiges of acquired shame concerning your body, concerning your genitals, concerning the extraordinary pleasure you are able to give yourself by admiring and touching and caressing your own body. The abundance of high-quality pleasure you shamelessly generate is the best way to gradually reduce shame in yourself by shifting your attention to the ecstasy of pure penis pleasure instead. Inspire shamelessness in other men by example as you share your enjoyment of your penis and masturbation in all possible ways. In this way you may serve all life on Earth.

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