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  • Bruce P. Grether

Mindful Masturbation: A Global Phenomenon!

I never set out to coin a new term that would catch on when I began to call the practice I developed "Mindful Masturbation." I was helping to conduct a workshop for men called "Orgasmic Mindfulness" and as a writer with a special appreciation for self-pleasure, the nice alliteration of M + M rand a nice tone in my ear! But in the almost 20 years since I began to call the practice by that name, now I see it quite often online, and it seems that men use the term quite often in the world of those dedicated to masturbatory excellence. Not long ago, Max J. Van Praag contacted me with a request for an interview on the subject, which you can view HERE.

Meanwhile back on Rancho Paradiso, where I maintain my website and do some online coaching on the subject via video conference, my young friend Earth Boi Alex insisted on creating me a Twitter account in order to further spread the Gospel of Phallic Brotherhood. He wanted also to expose his body and his enjoyment of self-pleasure to the eyes of the world. So I've been sharing photos and videos from both of us, to inspire men to consider practicing self-pleasure as a form of self-love. For that new online Twitter feed, I decided to watermark some vintage masturbation photos of me taken about 15+ years ago, which illustrate the process of Mindful Masturbation.

Also there is the Earth Boi himself--mysteriously handsome, charming, and insatiably attached to the intensity of pure penis pleasure he can give himself in the privacy of his bedroom. In fact, he does not feel free to make a lot of noise even late at night in his bed, so I'm the one you hear in the video we share on that page he created. You do get to peek under the covers, or you can watch him enjoy his magnificent erection as he sprawls atop the covers, and half-listens to me… sometimes checking his phone at his side, as young gents his age often tend to do. He's a treasure in my heart and I also keep a warm place for him between my legs. Check out our sharing, and please follow the Tweets HERE.

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