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  • Bruce P. Grether

Earth Boi Alex Revealed!

For the past few years I've enjoyed an online friendship with a handsome and extremely engaging young man in his early 20s whose smile lights up my entire world! His precious friendship and how our hearts have become connected certainly means a great deal to me.

Earth Boi Alex likes to get naked for me on cam, and starting a couple of years ago, he began asking me to make screenshots of him naked and masturbating; this expanded to videos, as I also began to coach him in the basics of Mindful Masturbation. Early on, Alex told me over and over that he wanted me to share the photos and videos I made of him. Clearly he hungered to be exposed to the eyes of men all over the world!

One time a while back when we started recording I offered: "I'll just keep quiet this time, or at least stop making suggestion." He laughed, again lighting up the world, and messaged me: "You cannot help yourself--you're a wank coach!" Well, it's true that on those occasions when he's not already naked, I usually coax him out of his shirt or whatever he's wearing before very long… and I don't hesitate with suggestive suggestions…

More recently, one morning when we began to chat, Alex told me he was sad about Tumblr removing all their explicit content, but then he brightened again. "Anyway, Twitter is the new Tumblr," he told me. "I once had a Twitter account, years ago," I told him, "but I soon lost interest." He flashed that brilliant, extremely sweet smile: "You should be on Twitter," he said. "I'll make you an account. And that way, you can help you Mission and also expose me to the world!" I said, "Uhm, well… okay." How could I say no to him?

So that is what he did in his youthful, "Hi-tech-is-no-biggie" way. He flashed through the set-up, asked me a few questions along the way and created the account in a matter of minutes. "Are you sure you want me to do this?" That smile again. He knows there's no limit to how far pure penis pleasure can take us!

So Alex and I have moved to a new level in our collaboration, and he wants me to invite you along--please! There are already a lot of photos and the many videos are all 2:20 or less in length, to fit the Tweet parameters, plus maybe the attention span of the more-or-less Millennials?

Please join Earth Boi Alex and me (yes, there are brief coaching vids by Yours Truly slipped in as well). We're having so much fun! It's a major celebration of our penises, of male masturbation, and the warm, sweet intergenerational friendship I cherish with this young man who's grandfather I could easily be. In fact, he's told me that's how he thinks of me. The Twitter account is here: TWEET-TWEET!

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