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  • Bruce P. Grether

How to BE a Phallic God!

A Phallic God is actually any man who loves his penis without shame or reservation, who wants his penis to be seen and admired, and also wants to inspire his fellow men towards arousal and the pure penis pleasure that makes you feel totally alive! There is no need to act out any ancient tradition, still there is much we can learn from our cultural ancestors.


The ancient Egyptians had many forms of the Phallic God, among them one named "Nefertum," whose Egyptian name can be parsed for its meanings as: "The Lord of Fragrances, Handsome Young Phallic God of the Gentle Early Morning Sun Who Creates the World with His Beautiful Masturbation." This I wrote about in my 2012 book THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS: MALE EROTIC ALCHEMY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. Just before publication, when my editor asked if he could send a PDF copy of the manuscript to a young man studying film in Florida, I agreed, and was introduced to this engaging, intelligent, wonderful fellow I gave the name of Blue Tyger.

Blue Tyger as Nefertum

Nefertum is literally the "spirit" of the Egyptian Blue Lotus, one of that culture's two primary Sacred Plants: Papyrus of the North and Blue Lotus of the South. The actual flower, which is not technically a lotus, rather a water-lily named Nymphaea caerulea, turns out to be a mildly hallucinogenic entheogen used by the ancient Egyptians. They soaked the blossoms it in wine to produce a sacred drink. My handsome young friend Blue actually tried the Blue Lotus elixir, and he experienced himself as the Phallic God Nefertum.

When Blue proposed that we collaborate to create a new website for my Mission to promote Phallic Brotherhood and masturbatory excellence among men, I agreed. That is how this Erotic Engineering site was born. For the site he created an exquisite introductory video that records his experience of BEING Nefertum. This young man, handsome as a fairytale prince, also quickly learned to masturbate mindfully, to practice Male Erotic Alchemy, and what I call Golden Phallus Yoga.

In the first of many wonderful videos Blue created for the site, he used both is personal beauty as a human male, and his skills as a professionally-trained filmmaker to produce an exquisite and trippy, as well as highly erotic depiction of himself as Nefertum: "The Lord of Fragrances, the Handsome Young Phallic God of the Gentle Early Morning Sun Who Creates the World with His Beautiful Masturbation."

Subsequently, Blue recorded many fine videos based on my scripts for 9 GOLDEN KEYS TO MINDFUL MASTURBATION and 3 FORMS OF MALE SOLOSEX MAGICK. These provide an introduction and more advanced training into some of the possibilities of male self-pleasure as self-love. The teachings perfectly combine explicit erotic stimulation with educational training in specific practices that can enhance the experience of any man willing to try some new approaches to pleasuring yourself.

Earth Boi Alex

More recently I've been training another beautiful young protegee. This handsome fellow I call Earth Boi Alex is also very fond of his own penis, as well as the pure penis pleasure he can get from masturbating more mindfully. These guys are both young, but surprisingly dedicated to helping me encourage you and all of my Phallic Brothers to practice self-pleasure as an act of self-love. Plus, the fresh blood may help the message reach new generations.

The truth is that you do not need to enact the qualities of any particular Phallic God from any tradition if you wish to BE a Phallic God. All you need to do is love your penis completely without any guilt or shame, and pursue the ecstatic bliss it can provide you as a means to KNOW YOURSELF--the motto of all authentic Mystery Schools, and the key to everything.

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