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  • Bruce P. Grether

Cultivating Ancestral Phallic Bliss in Your Body

Enjoy high quality and prolonged states of male arousal in your human body, cultivate awareness of the numerous male ancestors that abide within the cellular cathedrals of your body--many trillions of cellular cathedrals that collaborate to architect, construct and maintain the sacred continuum of your body.

You have inherited your human male penis from a genetic line of thousands of humanoid ancestors, millions of pre-human ancestors; your penis is the largest in the primate kingdom relative to your overall body mass--no doubt the product of so many millennia of men's fascination with their own penises. Men have been using their clever opposable-thumbed hands and ingenious fingers to stimulate their own penises throughout our evolutionary history as a species, admired their penises with color-viewing binocular vision, and often enjoyed the exquisite ecstatic sensations of pure penis pleasure for at least several millions years.

Your Human Male Ancestors are numberless, not infinite, yet uncounted within the informational meta-sphere of genetic material within the nucleus of each of your nucleated cells, numbering trillions… these men all stand, and dance, recline, sit, run, swim, leap, lie down, roll over and roll around, pleasure themselves with dedication and artfulness, alive and thriving in their essence--the basic DNA record of the fact they existed--alive within you. The sustained high erotic states you are capable of generating for yourself feel beneficial, and are also beneficial to those numberless men within you, or sometimes imagined as standing behind you in a serpentine line of male bodies. This is not your immediate biological family, rather it's your inner family.

Consider how the attention of countless male ancestors tot heir human penises, their pulling upon them has morphed the organ attached between your legs into a highly evolved organ of communication, display, communion with your inner world, and with your Phallic Brothers, capable of generating personal growth and even transformational ecstasy for you. Add to this the discoveries of epigenetics, that acquired characteristics can be inherited after all, something long assumed not to happen. Countless human males in our ancestry celebrated and adored their penises and those of their fellow men, just as many of those male ancestors were probably frustrated individuals who lacked the opportunity to enjoy such delicious abandon. Now, as a 21st Century man who loves your penis and love to masturbate, you can consciously invite all those males of the Family Tree, the vast genetic web of humanity now global in scale, to enjoy, savor, relish and adore your pure penis pleasure!

What your spinal column detects here is the vertical energy of the World Axis, which connects the ground with the sky, the below with the above and causes your testicles to lift, push apart, drop back down, and repeat their dances within the soft elastic skin of your scrotal sac. Your glans penis corresponds with the head on your shoulders, and they both correspond with the Moon. The Star of Love, the Morning Star corresponds with the meatus, that tiny fold of skin something like a little eyelid at the tip of your penis. This is the closed eye that can SEE the whole of the Universe--Cosmos itself visible, and awareness that most of what exists cannot be seen or directly detected by your senses. Your penis is a spiritual umbilical cord that connects you directly with your Source: the Stars.

The material world that your body is part of, is entirely alive--without any extraneous, unnecessary or dead, inert matter. Everything IS alive! And to be able to savor the pure penis pleasure you can generate for prolonged periods, in high states of ecstasy, serves as a highly beneficial tonic. You benefit; the ancestral men within you benefit. The world benefits; the Universe FEELS your pleasure. Your penis is an organ with the capability to connect you with All Things in existence. Your genitals are your primary implements of High Magick, your tools for the Great Work of True Alchemy. The actual Magick Circle is the circumference of your Soul. What is your Soul? Perhaps the sum of your energies in expression and in blissful potential, as these aim you at the One.

On a daily basis now, SEE in Clear Light of no illusions and cultivate expanding awareness that arises from Mindful Masturbation, which is self-pleasure practiced as self-love in order to keep your heart open. As you feel gratitude for those ancestral men inside your body, you might as well imagine they are savoring YOUR ecstasy and pleasure themselves as you masturbate in conscious awareness of embodied presence: you are both, multitudinous and One.

(There is a link to my new "nonverbal" videos, where aside from some goon-babble, I purely enjoy, right HERE. + if you enjoy Part 1, Part 2 is right next door to it!)

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