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  • Bruce P. Grether

Bate Mastery IS a Global Necessity!

I'm seriously primed, totally engorged, generously lubricated and humming with exciting new possibilities, limitless possibilities for male masturbation bliss on Planet Earth! Our Male Ancestors live within the Universe of our Cells, Molecules, Stardust that comprise our bodies. Remember, you literally inherited your highly evolved human penis from these countless forefathers. The rapt attention and devotion they gave to their penises led to your extraordinary organ. In some cases these Inner Men exist as archetypal Phallic Gods of Antiquity, or as their priests and shamans of Penis Power in your Unconscious and Subconscious realms.

While many of our Male Ancestors may have been somewhat inhibited or frustrated in terms of the kind of pure penis pleasure we can now enjoy in today's world, we may actually invite their presence forward within ourselves, to share the enjoyment of our bodies while we masturbate. We can invite those Males to be healed of any shame or limitation they learned and experienced in their lives. When you full surrender to the transformational potency of shameless, guilt-free pure penis pleasure, you benefit and ancestors that live within you may also be transfigured by this ecstasy.

Your penis is for the purpose of giving you wings, allowing your consciousness to take flight above the Mundania of your daily existence. When you fully awaken to the miraculous powers of your erect penis, you no longer doubt that for human males, pure penis pleasure is the most direct path to Heaven on Earth--the body of bliss is your heritage as a human male.

PLEASE TAKE SERIOUS NOTICE: If you are an enthusiastic, shameless and guilt-free, fearless male masturbator--or want to be something like that, consider contacting me and send me photos o yourself, naked and masturbating, FACE INCLUDED. Sorry, I know many men even in 2019 are still somewhat reluctant to show your faces while you masturbate in photos or video. But consider this: you can use any name you want with the videos, and on E2, only men interested in refining their masturbation skills will see you. Volunteers wanted--to share this gratis. On a planet of 7 billion humans, we all have doubles, or doppelgängers who look a lot like us out there, so your privacy should not be an issue. If this sound exciting and possible for you, PLEASE CONTACT ME.

CONNECT with me through the CONTACT buttons on this site or via this email link HERE.

I'm still paying for much of the website fees from my own pockets, as well as with the help of a few "invisible" donors behind the scenes, that help it keep going. I need more patronage by anyone with a bit more money than you need. I plan to keep the primary video teachings on here FREE, plus the "Mindful Men Masturbating" video archive that I want to begin adding videos to soon. I am in contact with several men who may be willing to share their videos, but of course this requires that you sign a model release. I've also got other ambitions for E2.

Also there may be a "Phallic Brotherhood Retreat" in the work for late this year of 2019.

I'm a Missionary of the Phallic Mysteries, so money is far from my motivation. Though I know I've reached thousands of men with my message, I want to reach millions and leave quite a legacy of videos to inspire men far into the future.

Peace and Bliss and relentless, delicious Erotic Energy throughout 2019 to YOU!

Your Erotic Wizard,


PS: I've dowloaded a new video series, "BATE MASTERY: ENDING SESSIONS, Parts 1-4" to this link on XTUBE.

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