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  • Bruce P. Grether

MOONTUSK 4 is not The End…!

I'm very excited, intellectually, emotionally, and physically aroused in the erotic sense to be actively working on MOONTUSK Book Five, THE WHITE MAMMOTH. The first four installments took me 30 years to revise repeatedly and refine to develop the intricate world and complex characters, as well as experiencing with my partner and some of our boyfriends, the erotic adventures I required to write the detailed explicit scenes of the novels. For me, the world and characters I created remain vividly real and alive! I'm hoping to publish that next novel, THE WHITE MAMMOTH, by year's end, or in early 2019.

Dare (the brunet fellow) begins Book One as a Prince who runs away from his royal duties, on a quest for enlightenment, but he finds love with another young man (the blond guy with a hairy chest). Their meeting is only the beginning of this epic. Book Four (whose cover you see above) provides a fairly satisfactory ending to the epic, but since its publication in 2014, I've realized the story was far from over.

So the next novel, THE WHITE MAMMOTH (possible mild SPOILERS ahead) takes up the action a generation later, or to be more precise, about 18 years later, when a whole new crop of handsome young men are ready to be training in "Droojikah," the process in that imaginary world that teaches Mindful Masturbation, Male Erotic Alchemy, and Golden Phallus Yoga. Not only do these young men need specific and explicit erotic training, which you the reader can actually practice with them if you wish, the events that endanger the Empire are again moving towards some kind of crisis.

During Book 4: IVORY AND GOLD it became clear that the secret worldwide conspiracy of the Phallic Brotherhood that promotes Droojikah, not only operates among human men of all the peripheral kingdoms that surround imperial Kemnu at its heart, but among males of two other races. The small, fur-covered Yorts of the remote, mountainous northwest, include shamans that ride the giant white vultures called Ravis Tovarna, through the skies. The Yorts guard a mysterious secret of their reproduction, for all Yorts that humans have encountered are male.

Even more mysterious, in the immensity of the extremely deep and unknown oceans of the South Seas, a race of bioluminous Mermen are said to interact with men of the Dreamway Island Archipelago. Thus, in the high zephyrs of the air, and in the ocean depths, the human males of this world have erotic allies. A question remains: Can the Phallic Brothers of these three races of beings bring peace tot he world?

At the draamtic conclusion of IVORY AND GOLD the human world is not left in good hands--politically. Likewise, in the sequel THE WHITE MAMMOTH, readers will meet new male lovers, and further unravel the mystery of how one human man, Dare Bardoon Miznevet became known to history as Vattsa Osshadim, Prophet of the Male Mysteries, and also as the Second Coming of the Phallic God Othis.

In fact, the time has come to announce that I now plan two more volumes after the last mentioned: Book Six: THE SECRET OF THE YORTS, and Book Seven: THE MASTER OF DROOJIKAH.

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