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  • Bruce P. Grether

The Bate Master Responds

What a great honor that the guys at Bateworld (dot) com have asked me to author an advice column on the topic of male masturbation--definitely a favorite topic of mine, and a realm in which I can claim at least some measure of expertise! With "Ask the Bate Master" I don't presume to answer questions--rather, I respond. Please understand, I'm actually somewhat wary of so-called "experts" in general. At the same time anyone (me included!) can always learn from someone with a special amount of experience, training, or qualifications in a realm where they've developed specific skills and gained unusual knowledge.

For many years, since boyhood, I was an enthusiastic masturbator. Usually, since puberty I masturbated to ejaculation two or three times a day, sometimes more, though I always suspected there could be more to this wonderful habit. I was fortunate that I never suffered guilt or shame over masturbation itself, though I struggled with self-image, being extremely skinny, and often comparing myself to others. For years the ideas of Tantra and Taoist sexual cultivation intrigued me. But not until 1995 did I come across the simple "how to" information that boosted my practice to transformational levels.

I discovered what I now call "Mindful Masturbation" when I learned to intensify my penis pleasure many times over, and extend the length of my sessions indefinitely. I spent hours every day in unbelievably high erotic states for six weeks, without ejaculating once! This period of my practice changed me forever, radically and reduced my insecurities. By the simple focus on how incredibly good I could make myself feel, I discovered that erotic pleasure is limitless--when you learn to get out of your own way and let it happen. This not only feels good beyond belief: it's actually beneficial! It's all about where you place your attention.

During the late 1990s I was invited to write professionally for an educational site called Jackinworld (dot) com, after the owner of the site spotted both my writing skills and my personal enthusiasm for the subject of male masturbation. I used the pseudonym of 'Bruce McFarland" there, but now I proudly use my true given name.

Nobody else can prevent you from enjoying as much pure penis pleasure as you can possibly want, when you accept 100% responsibility for your own masturbatory ecstasy. Also, it is possible to share this kind of supreme bliss with your fellow men. I'm not sure I'd call myself an expert, but I know from experience what I'm talking about.

Please check out my new weekly columns on Bateworld… and enjoy your penises, my Phallic Brothers!

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