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  • Bruce P. Grether

Brotherhood of Men made of Stardust!

You can see that men from all over the planet have been visting Erotic Engineering, no doubt for the same basic reasons: out of curiosity about enhanced masturbation practices, the Living Phallus, mythology related to the penis and male sexuality, Tantra or Taoist erotic traditions, or just feeling horny for something different from common Internet porn. For some guys Mindful Masturbation leads to far greater solosexual pleasure, helps you get your rocks off at new levels of intensity--for others it can prove profoundly spiritual. Pure penis pleasure (p3) is one of life's greatest treasures. This site makes it easy to enhance your self-pleasure skills.

Regardless of motivation or attitude, what we're really talking about here is what the Alchemists of antiquity called the "Great Work," the transformation of common, mundane substance into shining priceless gold, into something truly Magickal. And behind all those esoteric traditions is one simple fact: You've got the power. You have the real Magick Wand between your legs. That Magickal dimension of existence is always there, within easy reach of your hands, just waiting for your loving touch to activate the miracle of feeling fully alive.

These days I encounter men from all over our precious and beautiful Earth, from young men just out of their teens, to wise elders, who share this common fascination for the Living Phallus, the great mystery of how powerful the penis can be when you wield its incredible potential as a form of loving yourself, of opening your heart to loving others better and better. It's like that old song from 1969, the anthem of the Woodstock Nation tells us: WE ARE STARDUST.

Now as a Brotherhood of Men for the 21st Century, we've learned that the great mystery is within our grasp, it's in our hands, our fingers, and between our legs. Love is the answer to everything, and when we truly get this, questions are not so difficult to answer. The answer to all the most important questions is Love. Stardust is the matter that makes you human.

As a Phallic Brother you are whole. Your parts connect and work together. You love not just with your heart, but with that Stairway to Heaven, that World Tree, that kingly scepter of flesh to which you are heir because you are male. Listen deeply to this truth your penis knows.

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