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  • Bruce P. Grether

Tesla's Penis

My Phallic Brothers:

Please imagine, if you will: an elegant hotel room in New York City, circa. 1890, a naked man in his mid-30s lies back upon clean sheets in total privacy, his shoulders propped on snowy white pillows, his legs spread wide. He has just bathed, this slender, handsome man who stand 6'2" and weighs only a little over 140 pounds. He has pale skin, thick shiny black hair, a long aquiline nose and vividly blue, intensely intelligent eyes above his neatly trimmed mustache…

A young man of Eastern European origin, he is in fact a genius, something of a mystic, though despite his orthodox religious up-bringing, in many matters he stubbornly thinks for himself--a perfect example is that he loves, in his carefully protected solitude, to pleasure himself. He has followed his own mystical inspirations and discovered how to cultivate heightened states of consciousness through prolonged masturbation sessions without ejaculation. Like many other artistic and scientific geniuses, he greatly values this secret practice that can charge him up into high states of conscious awareness and restore his energy when he requires it.

This man will develop radical innovations to become the Wizard of Electricity, and even design systems that can provide free energy to everyone on the planet without pollution or networks of cables. Great inventions flowed into his opened mind from the free energy device of that magnificent penis rooted between his legs, a huge, intact organ rooted in a thick black nest of hairs, above a big and hefty pair of balls. His name, of course: Nikola Tesla.

Now I offer you a new teaching on "Penis Reflexology and Chakras," the fruit of my 20 years of Mindful Masturbation, which you can access FREE in the Mystery School.

Peace and Namaste,


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