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Spank Your Monkey: He Needs To Know How Much You Love Him!

Hello My Phallic Brothers!

Bruce P. Grether here with exciting new developments on the Horizon of the Heart here at Erotic Engineering. Since my early boyhood, ages 4 and 5 at most, I recall the intense buzz of erotic energy in my little boy body--a buzz that was not all that focused, except that I know even the thought of human beings getting naked would trigger this fluttering and delicious thrills of energy through my trillions of cells. Nothing else ever felt so amazing!

With great clarity I recall around that age that I happened to glimpse adult male penises on several occasions, and had an absolute knowing from deep in the core of my being, that this was not only something fascinating, magnificent, and mysterious, but that the human penis was profound, even something sacred or holy. How did I recognize that there is nothing else quite like the male generative organ in all of Creation?

Who knows--only I did! And during that blessed childhood often spent in the misty morning ricefields where wooden elephant bells clacked melodiously at daybreak, I also had the privilege of having a monkey named Bobo as a pet. Bobo stayed with me less than a year, for when he matured sexually, he had to go live with other "pig-tailed macaques" at the Chiang Mai Zoo.

Bobo was a wonderful friend for a short while, and I certainly never spanked him. All along, he was something of a wild animal. However, in the years after Bobo was just a memory and a few photographs, I learned to spank my monkey in the slang sense of playing with my penis, sometimes giving it gentle little slaps and spats with my fingers… and in the case of your penis, you really can train it to give you increasing levels of pleasure.

We've got new content on the way at Erotic Engineering, new video teachings and right now for starters, a new page for slideshows of vintage photos of me spanking my monkey, tickling him, squeezing him, and training him to do tricks he never could before!

The first slideshow is called "Green Man" with 72 images, and you can find it on the Mystery School Page if you create a username and password, look under the FREE video teachings.

Don't forget: Spank Your Monkey: He Needs To Know How Much You Love Him!

Thanks and Love,


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