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Wrestling with the Root of All Things


by Bruce P. Grether

During a snowstorm in Denver, I’m shirt-cocking while I squeeze and stroke my lubricated erection with intent focus and delicious deliberation. In an elegant and simply furnished hotel suite alone, I’m especially enjoying my session of Mindful Masturbation, stretched back on a little couch, my bare legs are spread wide open with feet on the coffee table.

I’ve just finished recording a new video to share with the planetary Phallic Brotherhood of Men to whom I devote my service to inspire and encourage you. The hand lotion I’ve experimented with for lubrication feels marvelous on my penis, which stands up seeming huge, thick, hot and pulsating to my fingers…

It’s unusual for me to travel alone. When this does happen, to take the best possible care of myself—including some intense sessions of self-pleasure—makes all the difference in my enjoyment of the journey. In fact, it helps me to feel truly at home in my body regardless of where I may actually find myself. On this occasion, just over a week ago in Colorado, the application of fingers and hands to those miraculous organs between my legs truly brought me to a kind of epiphany, or a moment of feeling touched by the sacred nature of existence!

In recent months during my practice I’ve often explored several particular masturbatory sensations: I grip my fully erect penis with a really firm grasp, squeeze it quite hard in my fist, and then exert a PC clench behind my balls; also, while grasping the shaft firmly, I tug hard upwards so that I literally feel a deep visceral pull on the buried root of my penis within my body. The inner blood of my penis surges back and forth between hand and perineum.

These deliciously intense practices have some subtle dimensions for me, that seem to radiate sensations, or even something like blissful “messages” throughout my body—into all of my extremities and even my head. The deepest root of my penis is a tough, hidden, and yet crucial source of certain glorious sensations that relate to something beyond words; I feel totally connected and One with my Self.

At the risk of sounding symbolic, or even metaphysical, it seems to me that this related to the deepest roots of what we call the Tree of Life. Maybe that’s just the living body as we experience it with expanded awareness during prolonged, high quality Mindful Masturbation? Plus, I really feel this is precisely what the exquisite, complex and highly evolved human penis is for!

No matter where I am located, this practice makes me feel connected with All Things.

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