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Masturbate For and With Your Male Ancestors

by Bruce P. Grether

As I pleasure myself in the morning sunshine of a winter morning in my bedroom upstairs, coconut oil glistens along the length and thickness of my erect penis, and makes the mushroom head gleam a dusky rose color. A major part of my intense pleasure, I have no doubt, is my awareness of all those male Ancestors whose essence is recorded within the DNA in my trillions of cells. Plus, I’m aware of a particular male ancestor with whom I strongly identify…

GGF Sketch_tweaked.jpg

The assertion that your male Ancestors may in some sense actually share your exquisite penile and full-body sensations might seem fanciful or even perverse to some. Still, men who have taken this path of exploring high erotic states (where few men have gone before?) might be more likely to understand.

Regardless of your relationship with your immediate forefathers or relatives in this lifetime, those deeper Ancestors who live within you contributed their essence, their semen, their sacred seed to produce the male human being you are NOW! Your penis is the inheritance and product of countless millennia of evolution, eons of ecstasy, and numberless orgasms. Perhaps it’s possible in some sense that those ancestors “feel” your gratitude for this phallic heritage.

You are the present embodiment of those thousands of men and male animals that actually stand “behind you” in the Tree of Life. When you welcome their “participation” as you masturbate your practice becomes like a Paradise Garden that blooms with numerous non-ejaculatory orgasms and energizes you. After all, your penis has evolved for millions of years in the genetic matrix of those males and their countless sexual experiences.

This experience of and erogenous continuity with those men and male animals may or may not have already emerged from within you… it’s not something to try to make happen—rather, I suggest you simply try to keep open to this, you allow its possibility to emerge into your awareness. We now know that through epigenetics, ancestral experiences are recorded within our bodies, and historically, in truth many of our male ancestors never freely enjoyed masturbation and erotic pleasure as we are now learning to do. So quite possibly, in a real sense within your nervous system and DNA, the ecstasy you generate may perform a kind of retroactive healing of the frustrations and limitations of those male ancestors.

This erotic practice aligns with the shamanic belief that your Ancestors can be healed during ceremony, and of course, the wisdom of the Ancestors can prove a major blessing to you.

Extend the two-way invitation to your male Ancestors while you masturbate and you may discover that those men within you are just waiting to be asked!

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