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7 Masturbation Habits to Break


By Bruce P. Grether

As an advocate of male masturbation training for excellence, I’ve sometimes been asked if masturbation can ever be harmful. If you feel at all let down, weary, or conflicted following a masturbation session, there are simple ways to enhance your practice that Erotic Engineering teaches in the Mystery School.

Here are seven masturbation habits that in my experience are harmful over the long term. Any combination of these habits can cause your masturbation to be mundane, and you may miss the extraordinary benefits that are possible.

  1. Tense, shallow upper-chest breathing – This makes it possible to remain somewhat stressed all through your session, deprives you of oxygen, and may cause you to ejaculate sooner than you wish.

  2. Remaining in a single position – Locks up sensations within your body, and prevents the sensations from naturally radiating to your entire body.

  3. Using one hand – Again, this easily limits how much sensation and nuance of penile pleasure you may experience and keeps it localized.

  4. Remaining transfixed on porn – This is not morally wrong, of course, however it can actually desensitize the circuit of pleasure centers in your brain.

  5. Restraining natural sounds and movements – Keeps your sensations from blossoming, and it’s polar opposite is the loud, delicious delirium of full surrender to blissful self-love and total fun!

  6. Frequently ejaculating – This can produce the abrupt mood-swings that many males experience daily, sometimes far more often—plus you can miss the opportunity to explore the stratosphere of high ecstatic states including male multiple orgasm and dry orgasms, precious rewards of Erotic Engineering.

  7. Abruptly switching attention back to other activities – You can easily miss the delicious afterglow, and a more gradual transition that can help preserve the oxytocin and other bliss chemicals that Mindful Masturbation can generate.

Long ago, I learned that masturbation excellence comes through preparation by conscious abdominal and continuous breathing, stretching my muscles, relaxing, and then a wide variety of delicious practices. That’s the launch pad.

If in the aftermath of your sessions you feel radiant and energized, you’re already living on the Path to Penis Paradise!

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