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The Key Turn of the Labyrinth

By Bruce P. Grether

Perhaps I’m genetically programmed as a kind of monk, for I love to get up early, only, my religion is something like Phallic Worship! I tend to get “up” in more ways than one in the early morning. Often when I come downstairs into the hushed living room, instead of turning on the light, I switch on a little LED candle that flickers nicely and provides a very gentle glow.

This morning I recline on the couch by that sweet flickering and push my house pants down past my knees. I awoke aroused, so my penis does not need much encouragement to stir, swell and lift upward again. I’ve applied coconut oil to my erection, which feels very huge and stiff, and I take my time to enjoy and breathe.

As I’ve explored the possibilities of Mindful Masturbation over the last twenty years, I’ve learned that some folks connect anal pleasure—through the sphincter that leads to the dark inner regions of the body—with the mythic Labyrinth. You have to get lost to find yourself, right? Only I’ve discovered that even without penetration, you can enjoy the deep root of your penis that lies inside your body, directly behind your balls.

While I caress my penis in slow, firm strokes, with my other hand I’m rubbing slowly along my perineum. I bend my thumb and use the knuckle to rub along the fleshy ridge, from the middle up to the back of my scrotum. This feels indescribably delicious, and adds fantastic surges of bliss to my penile pleasure! Each stroke on the perineum sends a slight surge of extra blood into my external erection. It produces bolts of deep visceral ecstasy that astonish and illuminate my entire body.

Be sure not to press too hard and long on the middle of your perineum while you masturbate; many delicious and delicate nerves inhabit that region. However, this wonderful stroke with the knuckle of your thumb moving up behind your balls could be the Key Turn of that Labyrinth deep within your body of pleasure!

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