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Ways to Pamper your Penis


by Bruce P. Grether

The brilliant scratch of a meteor crosses the starry heavens as I masturbate mindfully on the Ravine Bench. For the first time in days, the predawn sky is crystal clear and though crickets sing softly, their song is subdued by the cool of the changing season. My cotton trousers are down around my ankles, and I’ve just applied a bit more coconut oil to my erection…

I’m practicing what I call the “First Form of Male SoloSex Magick.” This means using all of the alert awareness, art and skill at your command to redeploy mundane masturbation to something extraordinary: inner transformation! Plus, of course, you can actually train your penis to provide you with ever-increasing levels of pleasure, indescribable bliss beyond understanding.

While I slowly, very slowly and deliberately squeeze my stiff shaft with one hand, and spiral the fingers slowly, lightly up over the big bulbous head, I press the heel of the thumb on the other hand against my perineum behind my balls. With a fairly loose grip on my erection, the pressure on the perineum sends a noticeable pulse of blood into my penis. I switch hands, to reverse which does which, and exert another series of unhurried, glorious throbs, to which I pay full attention…

While an airplane, marked by several white lights and two blinking red ones begins to fly over from Austin, I stretch back in bliss, aware that even that aircraft is somehow perfect, something part of everything moving and living in this world! From somewhere along the canyon, I hear the raspy bark of a fox.

This time, rather than push on my perineum, I simply clench my anus and inhale deeply, the fingers of both hands loosely furled around the heat and thickness that arches up from between my legs. This too, sends a delicious surge through my rampant manhood: Have I ever felt such phallic ecstasy before?

Lately I sometimes wonder: Should I reconnect with some online porn for stimulus, just a bit? I’ve gotten out of the habit, and seldom get around to it. Mindful Masturbation, being truly present in my own body, simply feels much better—using self-pleasure to keep my heart open and flooded with self-love.

Now I pay full attention to my own penis, to the numberless ways I can pamper this engorged, oiled male magnificence, which rewards me so richly every day!

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