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The Penis is Mightier than the Sword!

by Bruce P. Grether

During 1967, in what is called "The Summer of Love," I spent that magickal season in Berkeley, California, the epicenter of the Countercultural Revolution. Then I was age 13, when I recall having my first deliberate ejaculations. I masturbated frequently--astonished at the intense sensations of my newly-matured far bigger penis, though it was not yet quite full grown. I always ate my semen without hesitation.

Here I am, about age 13, around the time I first ejaculated!

During that Summer of Love, the slogan "Make Love, Not War" had gained a lot of traction. Many of us hoped (naively?) that humanity was on the brink of ending warfare forever!

Sadly, the human male reproductive organ has been weaponized by historical, cultural, social, religious and political forces with deep roots. Fortunately, the Men of Planet Earth are now (2021!) waking up to the greater realities and truths of Phallic Brotherhood! Yes! The Penis is Mightier than the Sword! It is actually a tool for creating Love!

Mindful Masturbation for Men is subversive in relation to mainstream male sexuality and identity: mainstream male sexuality is bound up with subtle and not so subtle conditioning that teaches men to compete, intimidate, dominate, control. For example, there is the matter of penis size. In reality, all penises are perfect exactly as they are!

There is also age-ism, particularly in the Western World. We can benefit from emulating Eastern cultures that value the wisdom and the beautiful presence of elders. Older men contribute experience and may encourage younger men to relax into greater acceptance of all Phallic Brothers.

Further, a lot of conditioning teaches men false concepts of masculinity, that to be masculine you must have a lot of hair on your head, or you must compete, dominate, control.

Curiously, this conditioning also teaches men they should accept such beliefs, that this is natural masculinity, and simply how human males are! When we observe and experience the penis itself, directly, our own and those of our fellows, a different story emerges!

The practice and lifestyle of Mindful Masturbation for Men encourages human males of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, appearances, and endowments to explore the truly innate, authentic qualities of maleness.

Authentic qualities of maleness are bestowed by the male body itself and the penis, and become most apparent and obvious with the experience of pure penis pleasure, either enjoyed fully in a solo context, or shared in Phallic Brotherhood.

The actual, innate, natural qualities of genuine masculinity emerge and become clear directly from the forms, qualities and capabilities of the Living Phallus, the actual penis of every man on Earth. (Your Penis IS a Mushroom!)

These qualities also offer a remarkable connection with the natural world, with Nature itself! Consider our kindred, the Plant Kingdom, upon which we totally depend. The chlorophyll-based process of photosynthesis involves a fluid almost identical with your own blood, except that it substitutes copper for the iron in your blood. That is a literal connection, and the process of erection, as your penis grows, expands and stands upright parallels the growth of all greenery and the trees of the Phallic Forest.

Pure penis pleasure enjoyed for its own sake inspires a heady and heartfelt mixture of qualities from men, not only naturally, and easily, but pleasurably!

These qualities include sensitivity, strength, gentleness, kindness, creative energy, enthusiasm, resilience, emotional maturity, compassion, and YES: LOVE!

The penis has indeed been weaponized, in an artificial falsification of its true qualities. Your penis is not a weapon, but a tool with a rich variety of life-enhancing purposes. Actual weapons are designed to intimidate, kill, destroy--none of which helps anyone or anything.

The penis, on the other hand, as a tool, builds confidence, creates, and enhances lives!!!

To truly and fearlessly love and adore your penis without any guilt or shame renders it a most powerful and effective "tool" in both personal and interpersonal terms. Actual weapons signify nothing more than fear; they are an externalized attempt to compensate for mental and emotional weakness.

Weapons signify fear, mistrust of yourself as well as mistrust of others, and as objects they solidify and perpetuate an inability to love and to trust. The penis, on the other hand, literally embraced and grasped as your primary tool has the greatest purpose of all: Love! Phallic Brotherhood is genuine fraternal affection, adoration, and mutual acceptance, not emotional entanglement. On the contrary, Phallic Brotherhood is like the Buddhist Sangha, a community that mutually supports the practitioners on a spiritual path.

The primary purpose and actual power of the penis is Love itself, not merely romantic Love, though it can be a great tool to express that kind of Love. The penis, as it fills with blood from inside your body, connects your inner and outer realities: "As Within, So Without."

The penis manifests, expresses and assists in the creation of an even greater Love than romantic Love itself, which is sheer Love for Life itself, for existence, Love for everything good and beautiful.

Like the wise use of psychedelics by healthy individuals for personal growth and enrichment, for the mystical experiences possible, a healthy self-empowerment as a male mindful masturbator actively threatens male-dominant authoritarian mind-control.

The happy, confident man, who fully enjoys shamelessly providing himself with as much pure penis pleasure as he can possible want, has no inherent need to control or dominate anyone else. In truth, he is more inclined to share, collaborate, and to encourage others to similar pursuits.

Mindful Masturbation often leads to a valuable kind of autonomy, a more emotionally mature and secure man, who enjoys sharing himself and does not feel threatened in the process.

Practicing self-pleasure as a form of loving yourself in a psychologically healthy way, is indeed a threat to external authorities, external forms of control and conditioning, for in this manner you empower yourself within, as a capable, competent, complete entity.

Liberated appreciation for the penis in all states from totally soft to rock hard and everything in between literally connects you with your internal resources, your hidden strengths. Just as a particular volume of your body's blood flows into its inner chambers, this produces your erection, and makes visible the vibrance that flows within you, as the flower of your manhood!.

Regardless of the details of personal history, one remarkable aspect of actually sharing Phallic Brotherhood is a mysterious balance between knowing and the unknown. Though we can never know everything going on inside of someone else, during arousal and mutual sharing of pure penis pleasure, remarkably, we experience parallel sensations of bliss and erotic ecstasy due to our shared human design.

While this is in no way superior to heterosexual sharing of pleasure, it is qualitatively different because it happens in direct parallel, in true equivalence, in the ability to identify and share common ground because of anatomical similarity and self awareness.

Though every man may appear different and individual in many specific details, a broader, deeper, and higher perspective reveals that all men are far more similar than we are different. This reality humbles me, and fills me with gratitude, wonder and awe. You are my collaborator in this! Also, certain other men make this awareness possible.

Young Russell's Golden Acorn!

While I adore this young man's exquisite male organ, there are countless other things about him I also admire! He and handsome Henry Meadows are great blessings to me as I continue my Mission to foster masturbatory excellence among the Men of Planet Earth!

Henry prepares himself, Body and Soul!

Here, Henry prepared for the Full Moon. In a recent group we extended the invitation to ejaculate consciously, if you wanted to, in order to manifestat the focus of your intention. Henry has contributed a great energy to our collective Sex Magick of planting Golden Acorns. From this grows our Phallic Forest! We are Phallic Foresters!

Russell and Henry added greatly to our Male Solo Sex Magick, which may have helped cause OnlyFans to do their sudden U-turn recently. When you join the OF page, this is an inexpensive way to help support our work! Plus there are many treasures there for you!

Here's the REAL SECRET, no longer a secret! Pure penis pleasure is a direct path back into our Original Innocence, to that place we have always called Paradise. AKA The Garden.

Where Love reigns supreme!

Much Love,


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