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Is It ALL about PENIS?

by Bruce P. Grether

The answer is YES! And NO! This is not actually a contradiction, rather it is different from "either/or." In this case, "both/and!" Indeed, the penis is legitimately the center of your embodied experience as a human male. At the same time the pure penis pleasure you generate between your legs expands and circulates into every one of the many trillions of cells of your body! It pervades every aspect of your life experience!

By tradition we tend to separate the world into broad categories we call Kingdoms, such as Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human. For we human males, our penis is actually the King of Life, in the Kingdom of Pleasure and Peace!

Regardless of your age, social status, appearance, income, location, culture or ethnicity--religion or any other way you might be distinguished, this much you share in common with all of men. Your remarkably evloved 21st Century penis stands front and center on the stage of your life.

Nothing should be allowed to compromise the wonder and Real Magick of being an embodied Phallic God in human form! Certainly not acquired guilt and shame. You ought to be proud of your treasured human genitalia and constantly celebrate the pleasure!

It's a legitimite question: "Is it ALL about PENIS?" It is possible for the penis to become too important to you, if your obsession actively interferes with a full life in many realms of valuable human experience. This is only possible due to inhibitions that hamper your fullest enjoyment of shameless pure penis pleasure.

Between your legs you have capacities genuinely unique in human experience. When you wipe clear the steam of shame and see clearly into the mirror of your soul, your erect penis does indeed directly connect the Earth with Heaven!

This is so because Earth and Heaven are not truly separate categories of experience. Pure Penis Pleasure IS Heaven on Earth!

The limitless possibilities of bliss available when you touch your aroused genitals in fully mindful presence and awareness allow the magnificence of ecstatic sensations to flow and flower all through you from head to toes and back. You open the Doors of Perception.

Younger men may learn masturbatory skills gained from the experience of older men. The reverse is also possible. All through human history and apparently in the Mists of Time from long before history began, older men are also inspired end rejuvenated by the youthful beauty and virility shared by younger men (of 18+ of course!). This Phallic Blessing of Brotherhood dances both ways and in all directions!

A man in his twenties and thirties may choose to ejaculate almost every time he masturbates, and may even do so not only every day, but several times or more per day. At those younger ages, men continue to generate more erotic energy this way, than is lost!

Younger men in their twenties and thirties, however, may also discover or learn the virtues of what is commonly called "edging" and in a more refined form may be practiced as semen retention. This means to continue to masturbate plenty, but not ejkaculate nearly so often.

Until a man learns to make ejaculation a choice, it may seem inevitable to keep increasing your arousal until you simply cannot stand the intensity any longer and ejaculation simply happens!

Even if you learn to masturbate longer before you ejaculate, until you learn to space a matter of days or even weeks between ejaculations, you may never experience the delicious, indescribably, cosmic rewards of semen retention. Many men do not consider this a possibility or discover the virtues of it until their forties or fifties, if ever!

In my own twenties and thirties I masturbated often and almost always to ejaculation. I began to suspect there could be more to it. I studied Tantric and Taoist sexual practices from books, but never learned how to do effective semen retention until I was in my early forties.

I've often told the tale of how in 1995 I learned how to make ejaculation a choice while I masturbate. I spent six weeks masturbating for hours daily, without ejaculating once.

That month an a half changed my life! Never before had I been able to spend literally hours every day in states of high erotic ecstasy, so that I could contemplate and observe the pure penis pleasure for the its infinite blessing of Limitless Light and Love!

Clearly, what I discovered during that month and a half, which I soon began to call Mindful Masturbation, has the power to change the life of any man who opens himself to re-training himself to masturbate with ever-increasing skill. Relaxation during arousal is crucial!

I continue to learn more about the possibilities of pure penis pleasure every day! Each morning, when I awaken before daybreak, I get up and pee, drink my stainless steel water bottle of H2O and get back in bed to masturbate under the covers in the dark--a great way to begin each day!

This practice continues to confirm to me that by practicing every day, like a dancer or singer, I continue to train my penis. Each morning, feels better than it has ever felt before.

I observe that men who masturbate frequently without guilt or shame are happier, healthier, more balanced individuals than many other men.

So: Yes, it is all about your penis, Brother! It is also about the many other wonderful realms of your existence that your pure penis pleasure itself can enhance. When you celebrate and enjoy your penis without inhibition, guilt, or shame, that celebration falls into balanced perspective with all other delights of your life!

You may already be an Erotic Wizard! I certainly hope so, and if you are, then all of this I'm saying here probably seems obvious to you!


THE SACRED NUMBER ONE: In the Heliopolitan Creation Myth of ancient Egypt, Atum, Lord of the Primordial Mound, the Complete One, masturbates to maintain his existence against eroding chaos. Your pure penis pleasure is both beneficial and sustaining. In my twenties and thirties, I sometimes self-sucked and ejaculate into my mouth as Lord Atum does in the myth!


THE SACRED NUMBER TWO: During my boyhood in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, a young friend my age and I rubbed our penises together during a sleepover on the front porch of his house. That felt so good--beyond all mental categories--that I spent almost forty seeking my way back into that Penis Paradise!


THE SACRED NUMBER THREE: That Penis Paradise is now where I live my life. I pursue my Mission to encourage YOU and all my Phallic Brothers to develop higher and higher masturbatory skills in order to keep our lives enchanted! We do not need to re-enchant the world, only to remember that it has always been enchanted!

The Real Magick of human existence emerges from between your legs. From between your legs it fills your body with the power of Male Erotic Alchemy, which transforms your daily life from the mundane to the magnificent!

Nature itself is your Prime Source. Nature provides everything you need for a good life and provides everything you are to you as a gift! The duality that many believe in, of separate Matter and Spirit, is a delusion. Mysteriously they are One.

This is why the Great God Pan, and his constant Phallic Blessing, is a deity of global and universal relevance for all men on Earth. His name itself means "All," or "including." He rejects nothing natural.

According to the myths I've talked about on this blog and in my GOLDEN PHALLUS book, the Messenger of the God, Hermes, invented masturbation and taught it to his friend Pan. Part of what this story means is that self-pleasure is a divine gift!

Someone asked me how Hermes invented masturbation. I did not invent the story, and I don't know of any version that specifically explains. He probably just noticed his own erection, touched it and experimented. Once he taught it to Pan, the Woodland God changed. Not longer desperate for pure penis pleasure, having as much as he wanted, he could focus more on loving and protecting woodland creatures.

Also the Norse God Freyr, whom I've written about here, is obviously Lord of Pleasure and Peace because he adores his own phallus. It has this effect upon both Hermes and Pan, and doubtless does upon YOU, when you celebrate your penis as they do theirs.

I've realized of late that the common "heart" emoji (used in messaging to mean "more than a Like") is not a symbol of female genitals, as some suggest. It is the head of a penis! I've explained this in my latest blog on Bateworld, which you can find by clicking the image above or with a click HERE.

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We are generous and we love you, Brother!

Peace & Namaste,


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May 13, 2022

So well said! I have realized that for me, the more I engage in true mindful masturbation, the more I enjoy the 21-22 hours a day I am not actively masturbating.

May 13, 2022
Replying to

Great comment, Brother! Precisely! I don't spend hours and hours every day masturbating, as I've learned it's quality over quantity! The longer I've been training my penis, the better it feels. I'm always rewiring my nervous system to give me more and more blissful sensations!!! - BPG


Mar 02, 2022

I never fail to be inspired by the power of the penis as expressed in the circle of my phallic brotherhood. It has become the centre of life and the main focus of my life pleasures.


Feb 20, 2022

Treat your body with reverence. It's the Body of God.

Feb 20, 2022
Replying to

Amen, Brother!!! 😍


Feb 14, 2022

Love masturbating even more that I’m sober

Feb 01, 2023
Replying to

It is a wonderful thing - the only side effect I have ever experienced is...... - Oh, wait - I haven't experienced anything but benefits - benefits beyond description at times

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