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Freyr: Lord of Pleasure & Peace!

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

by Bruce P. Grether

Every phallic god is now a global heritage for all men! You need not have a single drop of European blood in your veins to appreciate Freyr. The Old Norse traditions that we know about mainly from Sweden and Iceland include a powerful form of the Phallic God: Freyr (pron. FRAY-urr) and sometimes simply called Frey. Freyr is the Earth God, Lord of Pleasure and Peace.

Freyr is from the Vanir, one of two families of Norse gods. The Aesir were basically warriors, ruled by their King, Odin and his son Thor. The Vanir were Nature Gods, non-violent, creative, fun-loving deities of fertility and joyously sexual! These two families fought an epic war between them, and when it was finally resolved, as part of the settlement, handsome, blond, bearded Freyr with his delicious penis, went to live with the Aesir.

FEHU: The Rune of Freyr

(First among Runes, indicates abundance, gratitude for gifts, phallic power)

Freyr was given the realm of Alfheim to rule over, a place we might call "Elfland." Though he is not a warrior, Freyr does have a magical sword, Sumarbrander or the Sword of Summer. Sumarbrander indicates solar power and rays and actually represents his magnificent phallus. It accomplishes whatever he wishes for.

The Norse mythology has it's own form of the Triple God with Odin, Thor and Freyr. The All-Father Odin, his son Thor, God of Thunder, and Freyr the Lord of Male Virility, Fertility, Pleasure and Peace. As such this parallels the Hindu Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; the Greek Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

Freyr actually ends up giving away Sumarbrander and now uses an antler when needed. Like all Horned Gods, he remains most often fully erect. Just as the heavenly Aesir are associated with elements of Air and Fire, the Nature-loving Vanir (of which Freyr is one) deal with Water and Earth. As Lord of Summer, Freyr brings both rainfall and sunshine.

Among his prized possessions is his gold-bristled boar, Gillinbursti, made for him by the dwarves, capable of transporting him anywhere on land. He also has Freyfaxi, a magical horse that can carry him anywhere through Air and Fire. His ship is Skidbladnir. Another gift from the Dwarves, Skidbladnir can shrink to fit in a pocket, and will transport him along with many men in any direction regardless of which way the wind blows!

One of Freyr's Great Temples was near Uppsala in modern Sweden. Odin honored Freyr by making him the Lord of Elves, and ruler over Alfheim or Elfland. There his subjects are the Light-Elves, winged beings who tended to all the living processes of the natural world.

All of his treasures represent aspects of Freyr's phallic power, and by association the powers of your penis! Freyr is the patron of your erections and your pure penis pleasure, its life-enhancing qualities, its ability to transport you at will and to connect you with Nature itself.

Your penis gifts you with both Pleasure and Peace! Freyr is also patron of farmers and gardeners. Hew bestows the lovely flowers of the world upon us! It is said that in ancient times no weapon could be brought into his temples. Snorri Sturlson, Icelandic savant believed to be the author of the "Prose Edda," told that the Norse Gods were "men who came from India." This explains the resemblance of the seated, erect Freyr to Lord Shiva.

Now, in the 21st Century, every phallic god from ancient cultures belongs to all the world. The Norse Gods do not only belong to north-western European people, any more than Hindu deities only belong to East Indians.

All men today are part of our Phallic Brotherhood, which is not a specific organization, rather it is our fraternal relation with all men on Earth who love penises and masturbation.

When we can be honest with ourselves as human males and see beyond heteronormative conditioning, to embrace the natural pansexuality and gender fluidity that are more honest, all men adore penises and pure penis pleasure.

Only conditioned limitations and fears suggest otherwise. To celebrate Phallic Brotherhood with our fellow men helps us restore honesty, truth, and integrity to our human realm. Self-pleasure practiced as self-love in the form of Mindful Masturbation is actively beneficial. It helps us deal with common challenges such as PTSD, ADD and OCD.

To blissfully connect with fellow men in full embodiment, with all humans and the planet, benefits everyone!

We are told that Freyr himself actually lived as an early king at what we now call Uppsala. Later kings of Sweden claimed him as their primary ancestor, a tradition not unlike the phallic gods of Egypt and the kings and Pharaoh of the Two Lands. Similarly the traits of Freyr as a phallic god empower you: his magick ship Skidbladnir could carry a huge army, and yet be concealed in a pocket like your soft penis! That army is your Ancestors and Phallic Brothers!

The 2st Century is a crucial time for all men of Planet Earth to open our minds and hearts to one another. May we share our arousal, our penises, our self-pleasure to help to heal the estrangement between humans and Nature just as the Aesir and Vanir made peace and Frey became Lord of Elves in the process, Lord of Pleasure and Peace!

Sacred Numbers of Solo-Sexuality!

"Out of nothing comes the One,

Out of One comes the Two,

Out of Two comes the Three,

Out of Three comes All Things!"

- Lao-Tzu


(Painting by Bruce P. Grether, 2020)

The ancient Egyptian science of Sacred Number describes the process of Creation of the World using Sacred Numbers. These are not intended to mean "counting" or "enumeration" of "how many." Rather, Sacred Number speaks of qualities of the Creative Process. Atum, Lord of the Primordial Mound, appears from the chaotic Void. Aware that he could dissolve back into nothingness, Atum (the Complete One) masturbates to make himself more substantial, actual and present. Eventually he ejaculates…

One: Unity!

UNITY.) Atum grows so intensely aroused, his act of self-pleasure as self-love expands his heart so powerfully that he bends over and ejaculates into his own mouth! His first coughs eject Two drops of his Divine Seed which become the first Two deities, from which descend all the Gods. The act of self-sucking, which not every man is easily capable of, commemorates this!

Two: Duality!

DUALITY.) In Sacred Number, the Absolute Unity of One, is indivisible. Still, there is a paradox, because within the One arises a reflection of itself. This reflection give rise to the Two, which are essentially similar. This appearance of Two or Duality within the Absolute Unity of the One, can be commemorated in ecstatic terms when Two men rub their erect penises together.

Three: Trinity!

TRINITY.) At the same time as Two or Duality, within Unity arises the force of Trinity or Three, which is the connection between the Two. Sometimes called Love or Cosmic Connection, Three is a triangular form. As mentioned, it arises simultaneously with Two. In mythic terms, Three expresses as Triple Trinities: the Triple Goddess, the Triple God, and the Holy Family of Two Parents and One Holy Child. In male erotic terms, rub Three erect penises together…

The first Three Sacred Numbers depict the Creative Process of Creation itself. From this the World appears as Matter and Energy in limitless living forms and formations. These include everything from your atomic stardust, to your DNA, your cells, organs, your whole body, your planetary environment (or Gaia) and the Living Planet itself, the Sun, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe. Microcosm to Macrocosm. It's all infinitely diverse and also All One. All alive!

So don't miss out! Join your Phallic Brothers on February the 17th of 2022 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM CST USA for a Group Guided Masturbation Session hosted by Handsome Young Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III, on Z00M!

Russell's Full Moon Abundance of Holy Seed!!!

Celebrate with us the Virgo Moon. It's special significance: honor the physical side of life; this Moon enhances attention to detail; a time to balance your sensitivity with resilience, overcome a tendency to be scattered with tidy daily routines! Focus! Focus! Focus!

On February 17th 2022 gather with your Phallic Brothers on Z00M for an hour of intense shared masturbation. You are invited to ejaculate as a form of focused Sex Magic, or not to ejaculate, which is also powerful!

Join 15 minutes before the time, if you wish and stay after for fellowship. Be sure to sign up at least an hour or more ahead of time, or you will be too late! You can register HERE or click the image above to get to the same page!

To support our Mission of Mindful Masturbation for Men and Phallic Brotherhood DONATE directly ("I want to help"), or join our OnlyFans Page which has over 37 hours of masturbation content! Contact us via DM on Twitter to consider appearing in our masturbation video collection!

We are a charitable organization. Much of our material is FREE for you online, but please help us grow, to offer more and more. Be generous!!!

Much Love,


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Feb 01, 2022

... blissfully connect with fellow men in full embodiment...a beautiful expression of the miracle of masturbation, that in one we become all.


Feb 01, 2022

YES! Another wonderful, important and inspiring "history lesson!" I'm almost all Finnish and Swede. Hail Freyr and ALL Phallic Gods!

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