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  • Bruce P. Grether

Masturbation Is Not ONLY Natural…

Bare torsos twist and turn as dancers prance and spin. Smiles and grins of the joy of movement radiate from handsome faces, while erections lift and swing and sway in spicy air of forests and fields. Revelers step, aroused, tingling with delight in their maleness, where ecstasy is always within easy reach! Of course: masturbation is a profound and effective means for men to re-connect with Nature itself! To touch your penis feels incredibly good, yet there are deeper reasons the practice is so delicious, deeper than the simple wonder of pleasuring yourself. It connects you with your animal body, and with Life as a whole…

Our species' disconnect from Nature is a source of major problems on a global scale. One great way to re-connect with Nature and maintain that connection is rooted directly between your own legs. You are a male animal, as well as a hi-tech creature of the digital realities. IT now provides you with godlike powers, identical with the powers the ancient gods were believed to have, powers over distance and time, form and function.

To reclaim the power of Mindful Masturbation may even help our species adapt to the planetary changes we are causing!

Personally, I grew up as a young boy hearing THE NARNIA CHRONICLES. In my imagination, I could enter other worlds, all of which turn out to be reflections of this world. Though I loved the Great Lion Aslan and all the talking animals and nature spirits of that woodland world, I felt especially attracted to the forest fauns. Like half-naked men with hairy goatish legs, they thrilled me! Only later did I learn that in reality these forest fauns would commonly sport lively, lovely, happy erections like Lord Pan and his satyrs.

Now, having lived for decades as an "adult," I've rediscovered the Original Innocence I never quite lost. My Inner Child (and yours!) is an honestly, naturally erotic being whose penis and its powers of erection connect me with the wildness, the freedom, the indescribable bliss that is our heritage as embodied human males.

Many men on our planet remain sexually frustrated, conditioned to believe they must obtain pleasure from others only by certain means, when the real answer is extremely simple, and is at hand--literally. You have everything you truly need, in such abundance it can be shared.

Other forms of shared pleasure can be spectacular, but none are actually greater than the splendor and wonder in your hands when you reach between your legs and celebrate yourself!

Is there any actual limit to how much pleasure you can enjoy?

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