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The Seven-Jeweled Phallus!

In the realms of consciously-engineered and enhanced male masturbation practices, so much exists beyond words. When I witness myself on video masturbating I notice myself, at times moaning and gasping, "Oh God! Ohhh GOD!!!" as many men do. This is not meant in any conventional religious sense--or is it? Mainstream religions have lost their way in becoming abstract belief systems designed to control human behavior. Still, perhaps the most ancient impulses behind them remain encoded in our human bodies and the blissful sensations our genitals can generate: the urge to connect with Source. Nature has so designed and created us through evolutionary processes more subtle and powerful than we truly understand. We can participate in these processes when we surrender to the full power of erotic ecstasy.

Mindful Masturbation and the follow-up trainings, Male Erotic Alchemy, and Golden Phallus Yoga, are the most natural spiritual path for men. To me "spiritual" simply means that there is more to things than meets the eye. When aroused, engorged, charged with ecstatic sensations, that male organ anchored between your legs connects you with your Source in Nature, in the Living Universe of which you are a part. Your erect penis is a spiritual umbilical cord, a lifeline, a lightning-rod that attracts and channels the power we call "divinity" and allows you to experience yourself as a Phallic God. Not a supernatural being, rather a being in and of Nature itself, which is the actual Source of everything in existence.

Recently a new specific practice has emerged, inspired directly by listening deeply to my erect penis. From the concept of Penis Reflexology I've spontaneously created what I call "The Seven-Jeweled Phallus." This practice means full awareness of the powers of the penis from its base to the crown of the head. Just as in Yogic imagery, you may imagine the 7 chakras or energy centers in your body from the base of your spine to the top of your head, imagine 7 jewels similarly-colored (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet + White as the mix of the entire spectrum) shining along the length of your penis from the root just above your balls, to the crown at the meatus on the tip of the glans.

You need not be concerned about locating or identifying each of these 7 chakras of the penis, their colors, and separate significance: instead, simply imagine the jewels as the full rainbow spectrum of possibilities embodied in the flesh and blood and nerves of your penis, its form and function merged. The Seven-Jeweled Phallus practice simply means to thoroughly, completely stimulate and celebrate your entire penis in the most intensely delicious ways possible.

Yoga teaches beliefs in the 7 chakras of the body as centers of energy that relate to various functions of your human wholeness, and describes how the Kundalini, or Serpent Fire is an upward spiraling flow of energy that climbs through those chakras, opens and activates them, each in turn. Now, in this practice, imagine: Your testicles are the Seprent's Eggs in the nest between your legs. As your penis swells, fills with blood, expands and stands erect like a Serpent on the alert, while you stimulate all of it, the chakras of your penis are open and active. This is the Seven-Jewelled Phallus.

For a free video introduction to the practice, see the new "Bate Mastery, Parts 1 & 2" videos, and enjoy the Seven-Jeweled Phallus demonstration at the beginning of Part 2. The new coaching video begins HERE.

Pease enjoy! Peace, Bruce

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